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Virginia Beach Appraisal

Searching for a Virginia Beach appraisal?

Our Real Estate Appraisal company covers Virginia Beach, Virginia and the surrounding cities. All Capital Valuations Appraisers are licensed for a minimum of 15 years. We have extensive knowledge in this particular market area of Virginia Beach. We specialize in appraising single family homes and completing condominium appraisal reports. We can produce a professional and unbiased home valuation report for any need. 

Are you listing your home on the market by yourself without using a real estate agent and not quite sure what the list price should be? We can provide you with a Virginia Beach appraisal report. You can use that information to come up with a fair market value listing price. You can also show the completed appraisal form to your potential buyers. If you overprice your home when you offer it, it can stagnate on the market and lose appeal. You risk losing thousands of dollars if you list the house for too little. 

The cost of an appraisal report from a qualified appraiser is justified. Our Virginia Beach appraisal reports show our extensive understanding of the local real estate market and will provide you with a professional, unbiased product. Call us right away for a quick, free quote. You may also click the contact us link at the top of this page to send us an email. We are eager to collaborate with you. (757) 831-6234

Virginia Beach Appraisal Services Available

Are you thinking about listing your home without a Real Estate Agent? We can appraise your home in Virginia Beach before you put it on the open market! Set your homes listing price correctly the first time. Call us!

When people get divorced, typically the assets are divide between the couple. We can provide Virginia Beach appraisal services and produce an accurate divorce appraisal.

Ditch your Private Mortgage Insurance! If you home value is over 20% of your conventional mortgage loan, you might be able to get rid of your PMI! 

We can give you our professional and unbiased opinion on the quality and accuracy of another appraisers work in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Please contact us to discuss.

Purchasing a home from a seller in Virginia Beach and need to confirm you are making the correct financial decision? Call us! We will give you our unbiased opinion of value.

This is typically a valuation product used for homebuyers and lenders, or its used by lenders and mortgage investors.

A retrospective appraisal is not an actual type of appraisal. Its an opinion of value from a specific date in the past. The correct term is “retrospective market value opinion.

A refinancing appraisal happens when you are getting a new loan. The mortgage lender typically orders the Virginia Beach appraisal that is used to determine your homes market value.

Filing for bankruptcy? An attorney will often get you to order a Virginia Beach bankruptcy appraisal . This is used to figure out the fair market value. We provide this appraisal service in Virginia Beach, VA.

Sometimes when there is a death in a family, the assets need to be divided between the inheritors. We can give you our professional estimate of value.

Home Measuring Service

We offer a square footage home measuring service! Let us measure your property using the ANSI® Z765-2021 standards for measuring square footage .

Tax Assessment Appeals

During the Tax assessment appeal process, the appraisal can give you the market value of the property that is being challenged .

Facts, Statistics and History of the Virginia Beach Real Estate Market

Capital Valuations Appraisal Company is located in Virginia Beach, a thriving seaside community with lots to see and do for locals and visitors. It is also a vacation destination with miles of beaches and a long stretch of homes, hotels, motels, appraisal companies and eateries. Both the North American Sand Soccer Championship and the East Coast Surfing Championships are held at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. Additionally, it is the location of numerous state parks, long-protected beach areas, military installations, a number of big businesses, Virginia Wesleyan University, as well as numerous historic sites.

Virginia Beach resort city, which is also the most populous in Virginia, has the longest pleasure beach in the entire globe. V.B. also features a thriving local food industry, a fascinating history, and a wide variety of arts and entertainment.

Our local economy is primarily based in the real estate, defense, and tourism industries.

Our local economy is primarily based in the real estate, defense, and tourism industries. Local public and private organizations have remained invested in real estate revitalization, leading to a number of public-private partnerships on projects like business parks. The Virginia Beach Convention Center, the Oceanfront Hilton Hotel, and the Virginia Beach Town Center are a few examples of public-private real estate developments. 

Princess Anne County’s 253 square miles (660 km2) and the city of Virginia Beach’s 2 square miles (5.2 km2) were combined to form the modern city of Virginia Beach in 1963. The new, larger city was divided into seven boroughs: Bayside, Blackwater, Kempsville, Lynnhaven, Princess Anne, Pungo, and Virginia Beach. Within its borders, Virginia Beach is home to a number of unique neighborhoods and communities, such as Alanton, Village, Bay Colony, Bayside, Ocean Park, Cape Henry, Chesapeake Beach, Great Neck Point, Green Run, Kempsville, Larkspur, London Bridge, Lynnhaven, Newtown, Aragona, The North End, Oceana, Pembroke Manor, Croatan Beach, Princess Anne and Lago Mar.

Compared to the typical American town, the cost of living is lower.

In comparison to the national average, which was 100 at the time, Virginia Beach, VA’s cost of living index, as reported by, was 97.3.

In the spring of 2020, Virginia’s home market had a significant recovery following a sharp downturn. In 2021, the hot housing market was kept ablaze by high demand, low mortgage rates, and the growing popularity of working from home. The recent rise in mortgage rates and the halt in sales activity have had little effect on the steadily rising trend in property prices. However, in the upcoming months, Virginia’s rate of price growth may shift. The cost of living in Virginia Beach is lower than the average US city. 

Our appraisal reports and all our other services are always completed in a prompt and courteous manner. Please let me know how I can help you with your Virginia Beach real estate appraisal needs. Access some of our most sought-after appraisal tips and get answers to the most frequently asked Real Estate appraisal questions on our FAQ page. Call Capital Valuations for your home appraisal needs. 

Why You Should Get a Virginia Beach Appraisal Report

Are you looking to sell your home in Virginia Beach or are you simply looking to gain a better understanding of its value? Regardless of your reasons, getting a home appraisal report is a smart decision.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should consider getting an appraisal report in Virginia Beach.

Determine the value of your home

Whether you are looking to sell your home, secure financing, make informed decisions, or simply want to protect your investment, an appraisal report can provide you with the information you need. So don’t hesitate – contact a qualified appraisal specialist today to learn more about how an appraisal report can benefit you.

Make informed decisions

Planning to sell your home or simply make improvements, an appraisal report can help you make informed decisions. For example, if you are considering making major renovations to your home, an appraisal report can help you determine whether the improvements will actually increase the value of your home or if they are simply a personal preference.

Obtain financing

If you are planning to sell your home, you will likely need to obtain financing in order to close the deal. An appraisal report can help you secure the financing you need by providing lenders with an accurate assessment of your home’s value.

Protect your investment

Your home is likely one of the biggest investments you will ever make, so it’s important to protect it. An appraisal report can help you do this by providing you with an accurate assessment of your home’s value, which can help you make informed decisions about how to protect your investment.

Resolve disputes

If you are involved in a dispute over the value of your home, an appraisal report can help resolve the issue. An independent third-party appraisal can provide an objective assessment of your home’s value, which can help resolve any disputes.

Meet legal requirements

In some cases, you may be required to get an appraisal report in order to meet certain legal requirements. For example, if you are divorcing and need to divide your assets, an appraisal report can help determine the value of your home.

Avoid overpayment

If you are considering purchasing a home, an appraisal report can help you avoid overpaying. An appraisal report will provide you with an accurate assessment of the home’s value, which can help you determine whether the asking price is fair or if it is inflated.

Peace of mind

Ultimately, getting an appraisal report can provide you with peace of mind. Whether you are selling, refinancing, or simply want to know the value of your home, an appraisal report can give you the information you need to make informed decisions.

Reasons why you should consider getting an appraisal report in Virginia Beach

Whether you are looking to sell your home, secure financing, make informed decisions, or simply want to protect your investment, an appraisal report can provide you with the information you need. So don’t hesitate – contact a qualified appraisal specialist today to learn more about how an appraisal report can benefit you.

List of Specific Neighborhoods and Appraisal Coverage Areas in Virginia Beach;

Holland, Kempsville, Courthouse, Sandbridge, Bayside, Virginia Village, Oceanfront, Bayfront, Great Neck, Little Neck, Green Run, North Virginia Beach, Pungo, Blackwater, Ashville Park, Sandbridge, Ocean Park, Red Mill Farm, Ocean Lakes, Brigadoon, Kempsville Lake, Broad Bay Island, Chimney Hill, Cavalier Park, Bay Colony, Lago Mar, Fairfield, Level Green, Larkspur, Church Point, Magic Hollow, Croatan, Inlynnview, Ridgely Manor, Witchduck,  Landstown Meadows, Towne Square, Buckner Farm, Village Green, Hunter’s Run, Peppertree Condominiums, Lynnhaven Woods, Campus East, Bonney’s Quay, Back Bay at Lago Mar, Thalia Wayside Townhomes, Tanglewood, Green Garden, Thoroughgood, Lake Placid, Holland Pines, Lake Shores, US Navy Little Creek Amphibious Base, Stallion Village, Parkside Green, Traditions at Cypress Point, Park Place at Towne Square, Cromwell Park at Salem, Cardinal Estates, Sajo Farm, Colony Pointe, Alanton, South Shore Estates, Lake Smith Terrace, Foxfire, Charlestowne, Pocahontas Village, Courthouse Estates, Cedarwood, Woodland Estates, Lands End Condominiums, Westbriar at Ridgely Manor, Herons Cove Condominiums, Woodhaven-Water’s Edge, Charlestowne Lakes, River Cove Point, Woodland Park at Lexington, Witchduck Point, North Shore at Ridgely Manor, Cambridge Court, Cameron Crossing, The Arbors at Cape Henry, Long Creek Cove Condominiums, Highgate Greens, Mayfair Mews Apartments, Colony Oaks, Salt Marsh Point, Harbour Point Condominiums, Indian River Plantation, Columbus Station Condominiums, Deerwood Trace, Avalon Hills, Cove Point, Cedarwood Towne, Larkspur Forest, Pembroke Meadows, Great Neck Point, Baycliff, Lakeview Park, Haygood Point, Middle Plantation, Hunt Club Forest, Pine Ridge, Castleton of London Bridge, Pine Meadows, Baylake Pines, Harbour Point, Lake Christopher, Amberley Forest, Sussex Village, Matthews Village, Rockbridge Village, Lexington Greens, Morgan Village, Arabian Village, Reswick at Castleton, New Oaks, Old Oaks, Lifestyle, Manchester Village, Starview, Country Place, Escape, Ocean Pebble Apartments, Farrcroft at Ridgely Manor, Camden Village at Castleton, Westerly, Great Neck Villas, The Carriage Homes at Towne Square, Battery Park at Towne Square, Ancient Tree, Kenstock, Indian River Farms, Larkspur Meadows, Sawgrass, Dewberry Farm, Prince George Estates, Lakes End, Keegan’s Landing, Marina Shores Apartments, Sherwood Lakes, Pier Point Landing, Thoroughgood Colony, Hillcrest Farms, White Pines, Hilltop South, Lighthouse Point, Holland Woods, Town Center Condominiums, Southampton at Salem Springs, The Villas at Bellamy, Lake Smith Condominiums, Birnam Woods, Saginaw, Mill Creek Condominiums, Grayson Pond, Heritage Park, Southall Quarter, Fairfield Forest, Park Place, Carriage Mill, Princess Anne Woods, The Orchard at Glenwood, Red Mill Village, Centre Green Condominiums, Crescent Condominiums, Mariner’s Cove Apartments, Ocean Hills, Wellington at Dam Neck, Lake Archway, Linkhorn Bay Condominiums, Middle Oaks Plantation, Birdneck Lake, London Pointe, Charlestowne, Charlestowne East, Broad Bay Estates, Birdneck Point, Linkhorn Cove, Brighton on The Bay, Lakeview Shores, Upton Estates, Gardenwood Park, Christopher Farms, Point O’Woods, Naval Air Station Oceana Dam Neck.